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Hi, I’m Sarah

This blog is about showcasing my books and sharing tidbits of my life, my joys, my sorrows, my inspirations, and anything else that tickles my fancy.

Welcome to my blog! I will talk about myself, bits about my life, and showcase my books! Let me start with an introduction.


My name is Sarah Hauer. I am a mom of three and a grandmother of two adorable children. My family is the highlight of my life.


For book signings and book readings, message the author here!

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"Mrs. Benson withdrew her hand from the scoreboard. She noticed an odd sensation in the palm of her hand. She lifted her hand to examine it. Blood. Mrs. Benson saw what she believed to be blood on her hand. Her eyes grew large. Did she put her hand on an exposed nail or something? She gently moved her fingers. She felt no injury. She looked to the scoreboard where her hand had touched it. There it was. Blood in some sort of circular type of shape. She bent down a bit lower to get a better look. Yep. She decided it must be blood alright. How did a spot of blood get on the lower part of the scoreboard?

Something about it caught her eye. She looked closer. She adjusted her angle and tilted her head a bit. Something about the circular swirls of blood seemed oddly familiar. She tilted her head a bit further…" (Hauer, Chap 2)

The Power 
of Ketchup

"Quote from book"

A Few of My Happy Places

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