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Hi! I’m Sarah,

Author & Blogger

Welcome to my blog! I will talk about myself, bits about my life, and showcase my books!

Let me start with an introduction.

My name is Sarah Hauer. I am a mom of three and a grandmother of two adorable children. My family is the highlight of my life.

I live in Southern California. I originally grew up in Minnesota in the little town of Hector. It was a wonderful upbringing for me that allowed me the freedom to explore and let my imagination run wild. I had a lot of friends in town with whom I spent countless hours every summer riding bike and swimming at the local pool. Those experiences and observations are much of the inspirations for my stories.

Since childhood, I married, had three children, and focused all of my attention on them. When they were all grown, it was time to focus attention on myself. I started writing novels for fun.

During the years 2011 until now, I have battled a number of health challenges including systemic lupus and degenerative disk disease.

I am doing much better and am back to focusing on my writing and my living. I hope you enjoy what I share with you!

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