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Hi! I’m Sarah,

Author, Blogger, & Life Coach

Born and raised in Minnesota, in the little town of Hector, I had a wonderful upbringing that allowed me the freedom to explore and let my imagination run wild. I had a lot of friends in town with whom I spent countless hours every summer riding bike and swimming at the local pool. Those experiences and observations are much of the inspirations for my stories.

Since childhood, I married, had three children, and focused all of my attention on them. When they were all grown, it was time to focus attention on myself. I started writing novels for fun.

During the years 2011 until now, I have battled a number of health challenges including systemic lupus and degenerative disk disease.


Just as I entered remission, I was faced with heartbreaking betrayal and divorce from the man I deeply loved. It was overwhelming for a time.

Thanks to God, my family and friends, and my own life coach, I had a breakthrough. My circumstances did not define me. The joy I knew before in my life could be mine again. 

Joy didn't erase my challenges. Joy put them into proper perspective. You can have that too!

Thank you for reading.


Humor In Chaos

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