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Next Steps Coaching
by Sarah H.N.

My mission is to help people discover and take their next step after experiencing a trauma or unexpected life event.

I have endured many life challenges including loss, betrayal, and severe illness. I know it can be hard to find reasons for joy after intense pain. Over time and doing the necessary work, I have learned that joy is more than possible after all I experienced. 

If you have endured and are ready to take the next steps with forward focus but feel stuck, I may be able to help.



Individual Session

The pain of trauma or loss does not have to be the end. In fact, it can be the beginning of something better.

Or, maybe you haven't experienced trauma, but you still find yourself stuck in some sort of a rut and you want to take a step in some direction.

If you need help seeing what's next or seeing the joy in today, give me a call or send me an email. Together, we can find the path.


Introductory Rate

$150 per hour through May, 2024

Regular Rate

$200 per hour

Group Sessions

I can lead your group through exercises to help them better understand the challenges that come from various traumas and how to identify and take the next steps to move forward and rediscover joy.



Groups 5 to 24, $250 per hour


Speaking Engagements

Looking for insight into rediscovering joy after trauma? I can offer valuable insight from my own difficult journey.

From victimization, severe chronic illness, betrayal, and divorce, I may not have seen it all, but I have seen enough. Joy is available throughout it all.



Groups 25 to 100,  $350 per hour

Greater than 100,  $500 per hour

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