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The Power of Ketchup

Power of Ketchup screen.jpg

In the small town of Pennington’s Corner, Minnesota, where two competing churches are holding their annual competitive albeit comical softball game, what should be an insignificant event leads the townspeople to reevaluate their lives and their relationships. Six year old Daisy is attempting to eat her hotdog loaded with way too much ketchup and unintentionally smudges the ketchup onto the bottom of the scoreboard creating a fuzzy likeness of the face of Jesus in what appears to be blood. This creates an uproar among players and townspeople who debate whether or not this is a miracle from God telling the citizens of Pennington’s Corner to repent. Chaos erupts as townspeople begin individual soul searches leading the town's Lutheran pastor and Catholic priest with the task of helping their community come to grips with multiple crises of faith including their own. The competing leaders of the two churches discover they must come together if they are going to bring the town to a peaceful settlement, but chaos reigns again as tragedy strikes the already burdened town.

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