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Shy Bird Sings

Heads up: this title is really meaningless for the actual topic of this post. I got it from ChatGPT.

I am sitting here with my daughter at Starbucks, as we like to do, having a deep conversation about her future job prospects in the advent of all this new artificial intelligence coming out. She switched it up on me and asked about how it affects me and my writing.

Frankly, I've been more concerned than I've been willing to admit. She coaxed me into giving it a test run. At first, I was nervous. But, I easily got access to ChatGPT and gave it a quick, very quick, go. Here is what I found.

A simple Google search led me to a page where I could log on and do test runs for free. The AI titled the first short story I requested Shy Bird Sings.

I thought not bad. It did it very quickly and kept it very short. It's a story one could expand on for a children's book or something to that effect. Also, I thought uh oh.

My second test, I decided to give it more specific instructions. It didn't provide a title for this one.

Um. No. I don't like this story. Even for a very short story as requested, it's too predictable and lacking in depth. Is anyone interested in this kid or his dog?

I based this request off of a short story I wrote way back when I was in the 6th grade. I had plans to try and publish it as a children's book, but a family member thought it was garbage and tossed it. I have attempted re-writing it. Forty years later, and I still can't bring myself to do it. It hurt that much that it was tossed. Maybe that hurt is making me overly critical of the AI attempt? I don't think so. This version is just - zzzzzz.

I don't know why, but I went ahead and showed some appreciation to the ChatGPT.

I like they programmed some graciousness into it. I hope that is a sign of good things to come from this technology.

What do I think will happen with this latest advance in technology? I believe it has the potential to make the biggest societal changes all over the world since the advent of the assembly line. Will I ever use it in the future? Probably.

I am happy to say this test run, while extremely limited in scope and challenge, made both my daughter and I less concerned about our futures. I think it's a good thing to jump into, not hide from.

I am going to try and be like Pip in the story. This shy bird is going to keep an open mind about using AI in the future to help me sing. Carefully. Thoughtfully. After all, this new technology is coming along, like it or not. Maybe it will lead to new friends and amazing adventures.

Are you going to embrace or avoid it?

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