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Not Productive Today?

Me neither.

Well, that isn't entirely true, but it feels like it.

I'm writing a workbook for my project. I was hoping to have this project ready by now, but nope. It's taking longer than expected. Don't they all?

I sat down today to write the next section only to discover that I don't like how I organized the worksheets for it. I reorganized them, and then reorganized them again, and then proceeded to reorganize the rest of the entire workbook. In the end, there was no end to the reorganizing. There was a discovery that I should have stuck with the original order which I now cannot remember. Frustration has ensued.

Frustration impedes production, so I decided to take a break and do something else for a while.

What is a good course of action when production is not actionable? Like a clipper ship in wind, change course. Why? To move forward and feel productive. Feeling productive is the positive emotion of engagement, and positive emotions breed more positive emotions, which in turn becomes a positive spiral.

What did I do? Well, normally, I would take myself out for a walk. That is my normal go-to activity to stimulate creativity, but I haven't been able to take my walks for a while due to weather and health. Missing those walks is probably creating this plug in my creativity.

Instead, I tried eating a salad and taking a nap. Those are good options, but not enough today. Ok. What else can I do?

I took a shower and put on my favorite skin care lotion on my face. I feel great, but still can't organize those pages properly. This is getting serious, so I put the shower curtain into the washing machine on delicate so I can feel as if I am accomplishing something. Is it working? I think so, because I am writing this blog piece. Imagine that: washing a shower curtain leading to a blog post. One never knows with me.

Creative juices must be bubbling up somewhere within. After this, i am going to read a chapter in a book on emotional intelligence and make fish tacos for dinner.

Sometimes there are days when a mental block forms making thinking and creativity difficult to harness. There are ways to combat these days, such as exercising, eating a healthy snack (I am eating a handful of peanuts and an apple), taking a shower, doing another activity off the to-do list, doing some art such as drawing or painting, etc.

Being productive does lead to being more productive. I do three things in the morning. I pray, I read a chapter in a book, and I make my bed. Those simple activities usually put me in the right mindset, especially when I can walk too. But, those don't always work. Sometimes, the brain doesn't want to do what the brain doesn't want to do. Today, my brain does not want to reorganize those worksheets.

They need to get done!

What's the best thing I can do to switch up this negative mindset I seem to be in? Mindfulness.

I'm looking at my day contemplating if I really was unproductive. The answer? I am judging myself a harsh. I was productive.

I painted a picture earlier today that I am thinking will be the backdrop for the cover of the workbook when I am ready to print it. It looks pretty cool. I was creative this morning and got something done. Plus, I am writing this blog post.

Why am I beating myself up for not organizing those worksheets better? I'm not a perfectionist, am I? I don't think so.

What I need is to give myself a break and a little grace. If today is a day when I am more creative than logical, then so be it. I need to simply accept it. It's still a great day because I am choosing to make it a great day even if things are not going as planned.

Are you having a less than optimal day too?

Choose joy!

Thanks for reading!


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