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Let's talk pants.

I'm taking a break this afternoon from proofing Power of Ketchup paperback edition and thought I would blog about something that has been on my mind: mom jeans. (All tongue in cheek.)

What's the deal with mom jeans being the in thing?

Allow me to back up some. I am a Gen Xer. I am a proud member of the Gen X community. I am NOT nor have I ever been a Baby Boomer. I don't have anything against the Boomers, but I am sick and tired of my Millennial children calling me a Boomer when I disagree with them about something. If you are going to throw around generational names like that, at least get them right.

What does that have to do with mom jeans? Because I come from the era of mom jeans when they weren't mom jeans. Back in the 80s, they were high waisted jeans. Often done in the acid wash finish, tight around the ankles, made by Guess, and outrageously expensive. I did not own a pair.

I preferred the regular jeans that came up around the hips to cinch the waist just enough to tuck in whatever top I was wearing. They were not tight around the ankles. The basic Levis or Lee jeans were my faves.

What were the Brooke Shield jeans? Jordache? "Nothing comes between me and my Jordache." At those prices back then, I wasn't interested.

The 80s style was in direct opposition to the 70s bell-bottomed jeans. Personally, I like a good boot cut cause I like wearing boots, but no thank you to the bell-bottoms.

In the 90s, the guys started in on the hanging style with the underwear showing. Okay. As a Gen X, I should have been young enough to appreciate that look, if it had been a look worth appreciating. Um, no. And designers took it to the ladies with the baggie jeans, which is where the mom jeans really took flight. Granted, they were comfortable, but, please.

Early 2000s came the under the waist jeans. The low-riders. How did anyone keep those up? No belt held them because they didn't come up over the hips and reach the waist where a belt actually works. I hated those jeans most of all. I pretty much stopped wearing them.

This was followed by the spandex jeans. I have nothing to say about those.

The tight jeans. I prefer the ability to breathe.

Finally, we seem to have come back around to jeans that reach the waist. The jeans I prefer. Going out to purchase jeans for myself has been less taxing on my emotional well-being. Thank you, designers, for coming to your senses.

Mom jeans also seem to have made a come-back. That's okay with me. They are similar in style, but not all jeans that reach the waist are mom jeans. I do wish millennials would get that right too. Those young kids think they know everything.

Thanks for reading!



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