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Humor In Chaos - What Does That Mean?

I have a YouTube channel called Humor In Chaos. Where did the name come from?

When I was quite ill with Lupus symptoms, I had troubles physically doing things. I would shake so much I dropped items all the time and needed help walking with a cane. I even had a stint with a walker due to back problems.

When I go through tough times like that, I need to find the funny bone of the situation. So, I found reasons to laugh at myself for all the dropping, spilling, tripping, looking decades older than I was, etc. I felt like a puppet on a string unable to see who was in control cause it certainly wasn't me. It felt like God was getting a kick out of trying to humiliate me.

Sometimes the pain of a situation, whether it be physical or emotional or mental, can be so bad, the only thing to relieve the pain is laughter. I found myself looking for the humor or creating the humor. I got good at it. People asked me how I could be funny in the midst of troubles. It was my gift to myself to remember that life is still worth living.

Somewhere in a bio I wrote about myself years ago I wrote that if I can't find the silver lining, I create one. That's true. I still do that.

Recently, I was down in the emotional dumps again. I thought back to when I was younger, a teenager and in my 20s, when lots of people called me Sunshine. It was a beloved nickname for me. People found my smile infectious. I was often happy. I missed those days - the attitude I carried around as I went about my life.

Life hit me hard. Multiple times. That infectious smile disappeared, along with it the nickname. I made the conscious decision to get it back to myself. I started by forcing myself to take long morning walks on nearby trails where lots of other people walk. I made a point of looking people in the eye and smiling, regardless of whether or not I felt like smiling, with the expressed purpose of getting others to smile back. I wanted to feel better, and I wanted to help other people feel a bit better with one tiny act.

It worked! Months later, I am still doing it. People are recognizing me morning after morning with a smile already on them before I've got mine out. I'll talk more about that on my YouTube channel.

The power of a smile should never be overlooked. You can change another person's day with the simple act of utilizing your facial muscles. In turn, it can change your day too.

We are all walking around with chaos in our lives. A little humor, a little laughter, a little smile can be the start of a great feeling of relief.

Don't forget to look up Humor In Chaos on YouTube and hit the Subscribe button. Hit the bell if you want to be notified when I post something new.

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Humor In Chaos


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