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Don't Be Too Quick...

Updated: Jun 25

There are beautiful rose bushes all over in the community I live in here in Southern California. At this time of the year, they are in full bloom making the summer heat a little easier to bear with their delicate displays.

Delicate. Their petals are delicate. They bruise easily. When roses arrive from a florist in a vase, they usually seem just perfect. Rarely a blemish. But, when picked directly from the garden, or even more so, when they arrive in a box after a long ride in shipping, they need cleaning up a bit to look their best.

That is because the outer petals get beat up. Their bruises make them look weak, sickly, unappealing. When they arrive and are arranged in a vase, if the recipient wants them to look their best, those bruised petals must be delicately removed. Along with that, the stems need to be trimmed, and the thorns and excess leaves below the water line need to be trimmed off. The remaining petals can unfold exposing their health, color, and natural perfume.

What would happen if those outer bruised petals were removed before shipping? There is danger for those exposed inner petals from the bumps and bruises of the trip ahead. While moving ahead, as we all should do, there are dangers. Always. Those protective thorns can only do so much.

There is a reason why those bruised outer petals should be left alone before reaching their final destination. They protect the inner petals. They form a protective shell so the still developing petals will have a chance to be beautiful.

We have the same thing around our innermost thoughts and feelings. We get battered and bruised as we make our journey in life. It is only when we reach our final destination that those battered aspects of ourselves can be fully released so our beauty within can be safely exposed and shared.

Those bruises on our outer petals are the pains endured and lessons learned. They already took a beating. They can take more. And they are reminders to not do that again or to know when to turn a corner. Maybe by seeing our bruised petals in transit, others can learn from them too. (Caution! That way is hard.)

We are individual roses looking for our place of rest after our long travels where the water never runs dry. To be at our best until we are no more - in this realm.

Don't be too quick to shed your past experiences that led to the bumps and bruises on your outer shell. They are your protective scars that bring wisdom to experience. Wait until those lessons are well understood. Then, when the time is right, safely release them, and be your best self.

Or, maybe, if they haven't grown into hard shells, keep them. They have a beauty too. They are the marks of a journey well-traveled.

Thanks for reading!

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