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Cracking Up Over Ice Cream

I'm sitting out here on my front porch watching YouTube videos my son created for his YouTube channel, The Orange Jedi, where he and his friend play video games remote from each other while they banter back and forth about odd topics. While sitting here watching, I was eating a banana/strawberry/chocolate smoothie that is somewhat reminiscent of ice cream, and, lo and behold, their topic today was ice cream. This is by far the best conversation these two gentlemen have had while playing games and talking nonsensically to date. I found myself laughing and remembering.

In particular, my son talked about Ritz crackers on his ice cream, and his friend about lost it. How dare anyone put Ritz crackers on ice cream? Thing is, this is a common practice among members of my family. Crackers of various kinds depending on the individual and their particular tastes, cereal, syrups of various flavors, crunched up cookies, etc. I think even popcorn was once attempted but didn't go too far. It got too soggy.

My son and his friend made an interesting point earlier on in their conversation that hit home for me. The memories ice cream brings about. They discussed the malt ice cream in the little cups with the wooden spoons often available at baseball games. I mean, they were right. When you go to a baseball game, you gotta have one of those after a hotdog, right? You taste that ice cream and feel that wooden spoon in your mouth as an adult, and you are suddenly transported to that time when you were six years old sitting in the ballpark again hopefully with someone important to you and remember that feeling of being together in that moment, reliving it all over again, just for that first bite. Next time you are at a game, you want that moment again. And again. And again.

Maybe for you it isn't the ballpark. Maybe it's the taste of that ice cream flavor you got at the neighborhood cafe on Main Street in your little town that always takes you back to your childhood when you had freedom to run and play and didn't know how important it was to savor those moments.

Maybe it's a memory of chocolate shakes and popcorn with a movie on the TV on Sunday evening as a family before the grudge of the rest of the week started up again the next morning.

Maybe it's the same ice cream shop you hope is still open this year that has been the favorite stopping point on the way up to the lake every summer since you were a kid, and you want your kids to enjoy it too.

Then, of course, are the ice cream flavors and specific brand names themselves that bring those feelings up to the surface. There is a certain brand of ice cream, chocolate/chocolate chip, still my favorite, that I used to eat after a difficult shift of work at Tom Thumb when I was in high school. I still prefer that ice cream when I am down in the dumps.

Is ice cream a nostalgic food for you too? It certainly is for me. My banana/strawberry/chocolate smoothie didn't quite cut it today after my son's video. If I hadn't seen it, it would have easily sufficed. But, now, all I can think about is a chocolate shake with a nice bowl of popcorn and a Disney movie with my family. Damn, kid. You got me ruminating in my memory bank.

If you want, you can check out today's YouTube post by The Orange Jedi called CRACKERS IN ICE CREAM???

What flavor of ice cream conjures up happy memories for you?

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